ASEAN Fine Wine Report

Our research confirms that Fine Wine is a leading alternative asset class, governed by a unique set of market fundamentals and risk factors. We believe modest exposure to this modern alternative asset class provides stability in market downturns and low levels of correlation during periods of normal market performance.

Can ten countries with different languages, cultures, political systems and wide economic disparities make a consistent effort and act together to develop their collective potential? The answer is yes. It’s been over 50 years since the creation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and its economic potential remains undoubtedly impressive. But as ASEAN economies mature, investors in traditional equity markets are likely to seek diverse return sources from their growing assets and see increased demand for more sophisticated services and products.

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  • History shows that Fine Wine has displayed consistently lower volatility in return over both the short and long term, compared to equities of emerging and global markets.
  • Fine Wine returns have consistently displayed a weak response to swings in global equity markets, indicating a lack of correlation to the traditional financial markets.
  • Increased correlation between gold and traditional equity market calls for more modern alternative assets to provide better diversification benefits for investors.
  • During a deteriorating economy, Fine Wine has proven to be a defensive asset class, providing protection to investors who hold equity-denominated portfolios.
  • The outlook for the Fine Wine investment market is positive, with broadening interest into regions outside of Bordeaux (e.g. Burgundy, Italy, USA, Champagne and Rhone) and fundamental limited supply contributing to continued growth.

ASEAN Fine Wine Investment Report