Fine Wine Investment Outlook 2020

The Cult Wines Research Team take a look into what investors should expect from the wine market in 2020 in our exclusive report.

2019 was very much a year of contrast in the wine investment market: stagnation and performance lag for the traditional fine wine market regions coupled with the emergence of Italy and Champagne as top contenders.

What should investors expect for 2020?

Whilst the macro-economic & political backdrop will continue to weigh on investor’s sentiment, we are still living in times of ultra-low interest rates and search for decent yields and returns.  US trade and tariffs , the Hong Kong situation and an uncertain Brexit resolution still dominate the headlines and have potential to disrupt  the  Fine wine market. 

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Careful selection, flexibility and clever allocation will determine returns. The strong divergence in wine regions performance has created opportunities for investors.

Whilst the market has increased in complexity, this is a very exciting time to be investing in the asset class and we believe our expertise and tactical approach, backed by strong analysis, will help wine investors navigate through challenges ahead and extract maximum value.